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Layout and implementing the inserted multi-level Recording gadget - Technology

Summary: This text message offers introduced a community MP3 piece of equipment pattern principle along with debugging approach on the schedule of S3C4510B ARM7 brand plus VxWorks real-time main system around detail, include reviewed architecture as well as performing method associated with circle MP3 program made by way of these kinds of apparatus, have got noted it broadcasts the actual considerable application likelihood with the field around court pronunciations for example legend hotel, long-distance bus, traveling train, pronunciation meeting,etc.. Keyword: ARM; MP3; S3C4510B; VxWorks; MAS3587F

It includes mainly called MPEG1 layer3 in addition to MPEG2 layer3 that this network MP3 includes summed in place MP3, today's feeting MPEG2.5 layer3 has offered more efficient compressed coded method. Because MP3 offers supplied the presentation information of high-fidelity, low code rate, is definitely widely used inside several usage digital fields. Typical like: MP3 walkman, different motor vehicle maintained audiofrequency apparatus,etc.. These apparatuses have high-capacity Flash memorizers (generally inside above 32MB) And canonial possesses that user interface outside, can get a hold of MP3 music through personal computer actually Inetrnet and store in addition to down liner plus send out here, can certainly meet up with men and women plus utilise your demand.

The system MP3 device produces network MP3 apparatus and also software system until this venture calls for as well as being different from the standard personalized MP3 apparatus. It offers Ethernet interface as well as infrared remote-control program connected with normal 100M, beneath that manipulate associated with real-time software, can certainly obtain MP3 facts stream out of Ethernet, and also would not have right here to help retail store in addition to broadcast within actual time. Under that cooperation involving MP3 compiled signal chip MAS3587F, can finish MP3 saving purpose broadcast plus source to help MIC with MP3 stream media along at the exact time. MP3 technique put together by just a plurality involving circle MP3 apparatuses carries a network MP3 server (can be the embedded tool too) ,It is needed with regard to storing MP3 database and also managing complete system plus controlling. Index necessitie on the purpose and also the pick lectotype, as outlin ed by the actual require regarding project desire research stories and project order, that community MP3 piece of equipment will need to meet the next perform and index chart requirement. Audio regularity code along with broadcasting function. Mainly include: Support to help encode MPEG1/2 layer3 which inputs this analog audio tracks signal; Support MPEG1/2/2.5 layer3 for you to compress that decoding belonging to the tiny bit stream; Support digital camera audio mixing, a digital sound level as well as level audio to be able to regulate. Remote control and broadcasting the supervisory function. Mainly include: Support this infrared article controller, receiving ending in addition to network MP3 piece of equipment involving article control take up RS-232 interface; Realize the control about MP3 audio data approach under the handle associated with server; Play in addition to input cropping the actual function. Network function. Mainly include: On the foundation of supervisory manage plus facts interchange connected with TCP/IP agreement; Automatic detect from the trouble, canceling a strong unexpected emergency as well as seeking guide as well as increased caution to help hang up by using the apparatus; Automatic recognition in the piece of equipment and discerning; Support equipment code; Support the particular IP address. Under the particular characteristic as well as two bottle restraint with the particular cost, in the beginning layout preference investigation associated with processor chip along with real-time software system. As to be able to processor, need to possess software and also extendible as well as related interface associated with 100MHz Ethernet interface, UART and also I2C. The traditional one-chip computer method definitely can't satisfy feature in addition to real-time design requirement, along with adopt the regular microprocessor too the community control system technique will probably obviously add to the equipment cost, so establish to look at the particular network handler. Through surveying and studying in lots of ways, select two types of system handlers: Samsung ARM7 brand S3C4510B plus Motorola PowerPC processor MPC860T. The two possess 100M Ethernet MAC on-chip. Comparatively speaking, both trait is all about equal, but Samsung ARM7 processor S3C4510B provides very major batch cost advantages. And on account of this mass by using ARM processor, domestic loads of EDA developing device suppliers have presented superb building instrument alternative belonging to the price tag performance, help to make your development cost cut down considerably too, hence this design and style judgement adopts S3C4510B ARM processor for the reason that essential processor. In real-time operating system, because the real-time nature with the system MP3 tool is predicted reasonably much, as well as community info transmission operation of the single network MP3 tool offers larger influence on fitted volume in the complete system, so, should take up the challenging real-time operating system as the software platform. Adopt VxWroks RTOS application stand as being the multilevel MP3 device in the primary stage. The intersection associated with piece of equipment and also the intersection of style and design notion and depending on ARM7 this intersection regarding network handler as well as S3C4510B plus challenging the intersection regarding real-time operating procedure as well as intersection of gadget plus the intersection of framework structure and also stop diagram, MP3 regarding network, associated with VxWorks, MP3 of network, quite as Fig. just one Show. CPU is actually S3C4510B ARM7 microprocessor that the leading consistency will be 50MHz, for the most part finishes the particular boss command of Ethernet and finding and also dispatching with info flow. Send MP3 sound info flow towards decoding the particular computer chip MAS3587F in order to decode plus put out as we ll as control, acquire MP3 coded number, your data pass with radio underneath the particular command regarding systematic major software device through MAS3587F. In addition, continue to acknowledge the particular report controller and order to be able to combine interpretive delivery as a result of RS-232 interface. MP3 created code, specifically MP3 encodes (namely MP3 recording) Need enormous calculations sum, the traditional technique can be came to the realization because of the computer system program or perhaps particular DSP chip, mainly because S3C4510B can be a network handler with this project, that management ability associated with their electronic digital signal is really a comparable weak link, so has realized organizing that decoding function regarding MP3 by means of individual chip MP3 produced program code chip MAS3587F. In addition, the network MP3 tool storage adopts 16MB SDRAM HY57V281620 in the higher speed, can be used pertaining to within software ex ecution, files space and also buffers; The solidification memorizer belonging to the procedure adopts 2MB Flash AM29LV160, this kind of memorizer is definitely not merely unforgettable like: MAC address, non-volatile records connected with IP address, it may possibly be utilised with regard to prestoring some MP3 data. The infrared report controller adopts your infrared T-R esophagus circulating in the great amount available to design. Ethernet aspect offers adopted the cost functionality quite high RTL8201BL new PHY on the schedule of ARM7 processor S3C4510B built-in 100MHz Ethernet MAC, can easily your adaptation moves on 10M/100Mbps circle facts transmission. Under a really layout chassis, it is concerning 200 yuan this one of the keys digital departmental cost of this multilevel MP3 apparatus of the single sleeve might be controlled, can match the particular low-cost calls for of most application. Apparatus, MP3 regarding network, develop, debug improvement with apparatu s, MP3 involving network, debug, comprise the particular intersection of electronics in addition to pattern involving platform in addition to debug plus real-time computer software style plus debug. The hardware principle is actually concluded schematic diagram as well as PCB to design by means of PowerLogic as well as PowerPCB of PADS. After the particular hardware podium is assembled, employ Embest IDE regarding ARM built-in progression natural environment as well as JTAG debugging gadget that will compose quality procedure, cooperate together with Tektronix digital oscilloscope to carry to the functional test to each section of equipment style and design within the goal board. SDNS100 based on that will Samsung provides advances BSP signal publishing and analyze that the snowboard VxWorks BSP theme goes on to the community MP3 intention board. In computer hardware design, continue to apply Foundation ISE built-in progress setting regarding Xilinx Company for you to build on the programmable judgement system XC9572XLVQ64 about the board, surface the particular plausible design and style with peripheral veneer in the processor. The progression connected with the real-time program system is largely completed by way of Tornado II for ARM integrated advancement environment based on WindRiver Company. This included development natural environment carries a great deal of limitations and process analysis tools just like VxWorks real-time operating system, ARM7 compiler, debugging device as well as WindView, can easily realize that will debugs goal board real-time software program process a lot of sorts of modes, full-functions rapid through serial port and Ethernet. After your system progress regarding software package can be finished, help make that intersection of Bootable VxWorks and the intersection involving application system impression in addition to file into, solidify the chart report inside Flash through Embest IDE and also the intersectio n regarding JTAG plus simulator, can bust apart from and debug the particular setting in order to operate with authentic time.

The network MP3 job application technique chassis circle MP3 device could give engage in to highest productivity while acquiring middle nodes to be able to manage as well as handle that method beneath only throughout one. The normal multi-level MP3 application procedure chassis is revealed as in Fig. 2. The shape chassis in the multi-level MP3 application process is placed upwards inside the multicasting network, with common condition, the multilevel MP3 machine transmits music and also other voice messagings using sent out or even multicasting. The network MP3 terminal installation could obtain request in accordance with users' Request to Send, machine reply to request, fixed up, demand the particular passway whilst getting one-to-one on time ask. Any multilevel MP3 airport terminal installing (users) Can trigger MP3 and request request. The people that may be setup ask for the actual passway quantity along with count about system bandwidth along with multi-level delay (u nder 100M Ethernet condition, the system close to consumes 30% community bandwidth learning resource even though working with a couple in addition to requesting the passway) . When there are actually crucial updates or voice messagingsing, might set up plus insert that passway, the actual concern of your passway can be increased than every broadcast, multicasting or request the priority on the passway, that will be the unconditional playmode, that special reason for canceling a critical and seeking guide or increased vigilance etc. involving it is usually utilised regarding broadcasting the important detect and also accidenting. In addition, every single circle MP3 is terminal may also initiate paging. Namely radio, multicasting and also unicast to other circle MP3 terminal stations following community MP3 airport set up encodes MP3 to MIC feedback signal, this operate are available while in the getting together with conversation connected with the particular pronunciation o r pronunciation classroom system. Under the above-mentioned multilevel MP3 software system framework architecture, mostly there are actually these kind of two common sense options in the actual multi-level MP3 network: Control bus (CBUS) And facts bus (DBUS) . The manipulate bus largely transmits several supervision along with manage command, women and men facts bus mainly transmits the actual audio tracks rate MP3 data flow. The normal system MP3 utilizes that program software package framework being shown like for example Fig. 3.

The circle MP3 methodical application prospect network MP3 system could be ascribed to the music system connected with guest room regarding the actual celebrity resort extensively, court pronunciations including the long-distance bus, voyager train, pronunciation achieving and pronunciation classroom,etc. send out that application. The typical application like the stereo system connected with visitor area involving super star hotel, this is a solution of a kind of Full Digitalization, the usable Off-The-Shelf LAN data interface connected with star hotel, are finished with can certainly finish installing for the prevailing enterprise any transformation. By method of giving MP3 music storehouse, offer in addition to move around in company and deliver this various, high-quality tunes in order to enjoy. This tool also includes pronunciation asking, notifying and also sudden problem (such because fire) with invitee place of an space program on the exact period Evacuate more fun ctions this sort of seeing that radio,etc. promptly. On long-distance buses and also traveling trains, provides the particular passenger MP3 music to help orient the request program is often a sorts of brand-new program subject matter which can be containing more the prospect. In addition, because of the function how the network MP3 encodes real-time MP3 with the speech signal, and, it can be small, very low cost, stability are high, provide the multi-level and also insert a good deal associated with advantages including function, have visible advantages extra approach conventional computer software package signal and also computer plug-in unit card MP3 saving way, so, this piece of equipment will also be applied to that specialized MP3 documenting application inside method connected with broadcasting in addition to TV.

After the actual circle MP3 piece of equipment involving ending your presentation builds up in addition to finishes, receive the advantageous comment of which this exact task includes employed in addition to obtained users in certain hotel wedding guest area stereo system at first. What we developed, vehicle took machine associated with embedded system MP3 procedure well suited for the particular long-distance bus dropped your project towards plus used meanwhile. Believe while using frequent promotions from the community MP3 gadget along with engineered lessons connected with system, that network MP3 must be used in progressively more quite a few consumption field, and also optimistic global financial rewards along with sociable benefit will certainly emerge.

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