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HP HP0-K02 Free e book - Education - Special Education

Implementing HP BladeSystem HP0-K02 Test


QUESTION 1While replacing the firmware around the Onboard Administrator (OA), an error occurs.What usually are worthwhile recovery options? (Select two.)

A. Connect into the OA which includes a null-modem cable and also airport terminal server.B. Press plus hold each the particular Reset and the Onboard Administrator UID links regarding fiveseconds.C. Connect into the OA having a cross-over cable in addition to port server.D. Reseat your OA.

Answer: A,B

QUESTION 2Which selection is actually appropriate when going the First Time Wizard with HP SIM?

A. Configure your uncovering selections web page to select controllable routers.B. Configure certificates safety measures from the WBEM solutions page.C. Configure accessibility protection under the law in the SNMP possibilities page.D. Configure contact options in the Email options page.

Answer: D

QUESTION 3Using the sizzling place graphic, click on your three right bays inside c-Class enclosure whenyou usually are setting up some energy supplies.


QUESTION 4How is usually BladeSystem Integrated Manager installed?

A. as part of aSmartStart installationB. which has a distinguish licenses input HP SIMC. with the actual preliminary installation associated with HP SIMD. as an add-on right after HP SIM will be installed HP0-K02

Answer: C

QUESTION 5Which computer software offerings, intended for purchase, expand the actual features of theFoundation Pack software? (Select two.)

A. Integrated Lights-Out Advanced PackB. HP BladeSystem Integrated ManagerC. SmartStart Scripting ToolD. Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP)

Answer: A,D

QUESTION 6What will be qualifications colour in the Insight Display when the idea detects an error or perhaps alertcondition?

A. yellowB. magentaC. amberD. blue

Answer: C

QUESTION 7You are generally requested to install a single Ethernet Virtual Connect module with bay a single in addition to aFibre Channel Virtual Connect module in bay 2. You enter this Onboard Administrator toconfigure this Virtual Connect modules. What end result can you discover from the OnboardAdministrator?

A. Fibre Channel targeted visitors can be sent via that Ethernet Virtual Connect moduleusing that FCIP feature.B. Ethernet traffic may be transmitted via this Fibre Channel Virtual Connect module.C. You have consolidated this Ethernet andFibre Channel networks right single VirtualConnection.D. You include dropped Ethernet multi-level redundancy.

Answer: D

QUESTION 8Which HP SIM plug-ins require SSH? (Select four.)

A. Vulnerability & Patch ManagementB. Integrated Lights-Out PackC. Insight Power Manager HP0-K02

D. Performance Management PackE. Open Service Event ManagerF. Server Migration PackG. BladeSystem Integrated ManagerH. Rapid Deployment PackI. Integrated Lights-Out Advanced Pack

Answer: A,D,E,H

QUESTION 9Which Blade towers support iLO2? (Select two.)

A. BL30pB. BL860cC. BL460cD. BL40pE. BL35p

Answer: B,C

QUESTION 10Which safe-keeping possibilities are helped on your HP BladeSystem p-Class? (Select two.)

A. MSA500B. MSA1000C. MSA1500D. HSG80E. SB40c

Answer: B,C

QUESTION 11What 's the reason to put in blanking cells from a rack?

A. upskill tray stabilityB. that will improve back again for you to front surroundings flowC. to improve the excess fat regarding that rackD. to enhance prominent to be able to returning air flow flow

Answer: D

QUESTION 12Which drives are generally established with an SB40c enclosure? (Select two.)

A. SFF Fibre SCSI tricky drivesB. SFF Parallel ATA challenging drives

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