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Western Digital My Book

Classic Editions

Essential Edition

In add-on towards the book-like design, the My Book Essential Edition driving have got an Intelligent Power Management function that can stop the drive platters after five seconds of inactivity, instead of the actual usual expedient associated with delaying them down. The model likewise works about as well as away having laptop computer it really is attached to.

Essential Edition My Book motoring will be almost entirely black, using the different of the solitary pink light, familiar with indicate power as well as activity, that is certainly found on the front from the drive.

Premium Edition

Premium Edition motoring are just like Essential Edition unit but additionally include Firewire 400 ports, an built-in vision potential gauge and Western Digital backup software.

Premium Edition My Book drives have got the exact dark situation as Essential Edition drives, however, your lighting bordering the electricity button is actually blue. Also, inside the typical pink light is a further glowing blue ring lighting which contains 8 specific sections which indicate persistent living space on that drive.

Premium ES Edition

My Book Premium ES Edition devices are almost the exact same with their Premium Edition counterparts, the actual exclusively variation being that this ES brand comes with a solitary eSATA relationship instead of the actual dual Firewire 400 plug-ins situated around the Premium Edition, permitting computers along with on the market eSATA ports to be able to move data at speeds with approximately three Gbit/s.

Pro Edition

The Pro Edition My Books contain each of the highlights of the particular Premium Edition ones, although with additional Firewire 800 connectivity intended for quick info transfer. In addition, this Pro Edition My Books swap the actual Western Digital backup software package discovered about the Premium Editions with EMC Retrospect Express copy plus healing period software.

Pro Edition My Book devices have exactly the same basic scenario design as Premium Edition drives; however, the particular case is actually silver as an alternative to black. In addition, the item carries a circular glowing blue capability gauge LED split straight into six segments (representing 17% regarding practice per segment) and also an outer engagement ring that represents drive activity.

The "Pro Edition MyBook" is usually sold while a new RAID answer that can be employed some sort of copy device.

Studio Edition

The 'MyBook Studio Edition' includes quad interface: USB 2.0 / Firewire 400 / Firewire eight hundred and eSATA. It will be publicized intended for use along with Macintosh.

The 'MyBook Studio Edition II' contains a couple driving and also is built to possibly be utilized being a RAID system regarding enhanced performance.

The two drives can be succeeded by the user, even so the certification claims that will "Only WD Caviar GP hard disk assemblies is often loaded in to the My Book Studio Edition II or Mirror Edition enclosure."

The LED evaluate features a design concern on these disks. Several[weaselwords] consumers claimed in which some of the LEDs were burning out soon after 3 to 4 several weeks of normal usage.

World Edition

The World Edition My Books functionality because Network-attached hard drive (NAS), using an Ethernet interface. They also aspect a good USB host port to allow a great further USB travel to be daisychained. They are accessed as CIFS/SMB contributed folders, via NFS or even FTP and in addition characteristic UPnP, iTunes node features and a Twonky mass media server.

In addition, this World Edition functions WD Anywhere Access to get rural having access to the drive via the world wide web - however this particular restrictions that record varieties that will be accessed.

It has the identical primary case style because Premium Edition drives, including the capacity gauge, apart from that color belonging to the World Edition will be white. It likewise provides identical Morse signal venting because the different editions.

Network speed

Although MyBook Ethernet-capable disks come with a Gigabit Ethernet interface, the community acceleration is usually considerably slower, especially inside older models, where that ranges concerning 36MByte/s, with a typical regarding 4.5MByte/s because of the actual constrained 200MHz time clock frequency swiftness of the ARM pick within. The CPU power to handle data is low, as WD Support seems to have answered your customer.. Newer Models assess to USB generate swiftness at in between 10 and 25 MByte/s.


Controller mother board with regard to My Book World Edition

This drive owns BusyBox on Linux about a great Oxford Semiconductor 0XE800 ARM chip which possesses that ARM926EJ-S core. In addition the idea purposes a new VIA Cicada Simpliphy vt6122 Gigabit Ethernet chipset, plus a Hynix 32 Mbit DDR Synchronous DRAM chip. The webserver is a mini_httpd server, even though thought to be Lighttpd. The driving in the World Edition are generally xfs formatted, so that that push can often be mounted while your regular drive through within Linux in the event stripped away from the casing as well as set up from a regular PC.

The disk filesystems will be described in order to appear to be in some sort of structure developed by simply linux several gadgets drivers (Mdadm) which ultimately wraps an ext3 partition with a number of metadata of which enables the issue of the situation associated with the travel within a RAID set. Unfortunately, that would make growing the actual motoring outside of your housing more complicated, what's more , it needs a machine which includes a flavour of the Linux managing system. For example, the very best method to support the actual devices with a Linux tasting working procedure after they have been taken away from your enclosure should be to make use of the next pair of commands intended for mirrored RAID one particular disks.

$ sudo modprobe md

$ sudo mknod /dev/md4 b nine 4

$ sudo apt-get install mdadm

$ sudo mdadm --assemble /dev/md4 /dev/sdb4

$ sudo mkdir /media/xyz

$ sudo attach /dev/md4 /media/xyz

$ sudo chmod -R 777 /media/xyz

Note which that above list of instructions think since your motoring appear seeing that /dev/sdb that will linux. You are able to use a new power just like gparted to help ascertain that pathways tend to be relevant in your setup.

And at the same time you have available that command line arranged with regard to mounting a new multidisk spanning RAID 0 placed throughout linux:

$ sudo modprobe md

$ sudo mknod /dev/md4 b hunting for 4

$ sudo apt-get put in mdadm

$ mdadm -Cv /dev/md4 -l0 -n2 -c64 /dev/sdb4 /dev/sdc4

$ sudo mkdir /media/xyz

$ sudo bracketted /dev/md4 /media/xyz

$ sudo chmod -R 777 /media/xyz

Note how the above pair of commands think since your drives look since /dev/sda plus /dev/sdb that will linux. Again, you should use a energy for instance gparted to ascertain which will driveways and walkways are specific intended for your setup.

Further information as well as service are offered along at the subsequent My Worldbook wiki.

Extending capabilities

The device is often 'unlocked' and also accessed via SSH airport terminal (newer versions connected with WDH1NC10000 don't need to help be "unlocked": MBWE SSH Access), meaning that the actual WD MioNet java-based software could be incompetent so the device could be operate with a great unrestricted Linux OS, at the cost of voiding the particular warranty. The unlocking can make it possible to run other application on MyBook (i.e. operate a new webserver as well as a strong ftp server (such as vsftpd) on it, make use of NFS for rising discussed directories natively from Unix, or perhaps set up a new bitTorrent buyer this kind of as rTorrent, etc.) Further details on unlocking the nuvi in addition to downloads that you're visiting need could be found here.

Edition II My Books

In addition on the typical My Book drives, Western Digital has also published specific high-capacity "Edition II" versions with the Premium, Pro, in addition to World Edition My Books. In addition into the attributes situated inside particular My Book edition, most of these shots off the tee feature not one but two 500 GB RAID configured tricky disks which are often selected by means of the final consumer as RAID 0 (Data striping), or even RAID 1 (Data mirroring), according to personal preference. If preferred as RAID 0, the finale user offers 1Tb of accessible storage. Either way, if among the interior shots off the tee regarding this Edition II My Books fails, it may often be effortlessly removed along with succeeded because of the individual devoid of voiding your warranty. Western Digital functions this specific feature to their advantage, professing that will their devices needn't be go back with regard to costly service in case of an drive failure.

New Editions

In Late 2007, Western Digital released the latest distinct My Book drives. These included the Essential Edition 2.0, Home Edition, Office Edition, plus Studio Editions, and also ranged inside volume coming from 320GB to be able to 2TB. As some traders offer the revolutionary format My Book encased HD for any lessen selling price as compared with this in the simple HD them contains, customers happen to be acknowledged to order My Book drives, dismantle them, in addition to use these in a good internal bay in a very PC or perhaps advertising device. The Home Edition features an Oxford 934 chipset.

WD MyBook World Edition transport from the outset with this year ("white light", e.g. Model WD10000H1NC with 1TB) come with single 3.5" hard disk on the Western Digital Green Power Series (claiming 30% additional electricity productivity for your box), ox810 chipset (ARM926EJ-S cpu) plus 128 MBytes associated with RAM. SSH root obtain could be enabled with the frequent Web configuration UI. The hard drive has a only two GB System partition connected with which exclusively one hundred MBytes are widely-used simply by the OS, plus a distinct 256MB swap partition. Data move speed (WinXP client by using CIFS) is definitely approximately 10 MByte/s creating and 16 MByte/s reading using a Gigabit Ethernet link.

Morse code

Morse signal over a My Book Pro Edition travel case

The Morse program code principles published in the travel case manufactured upwards of any group the text "personal", "reliable", "innovative", "simple", plus "design". The initial occurrence associated with "innovative" about this My Book Pro as well as My Book World Edition features a misspelling and flows "innovateve".


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