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Hardening this Infrastructure SC0-411 Test


QUESTION 1If a good attacker functions a program this blows 1000's of e-mail mail messages for you to every single userof the actual network, several people with about 50MB attachments. What is also the possibleconsequences into the e-mail machine within the network?

A. Server drive can fill in order to capacityB. Client tricky hard disks might fill up to capacityC. Server can easily wholly crashD. Network bandwidth can be used upE. Clients cannot receive brand new e-mail messages

Answer: AC

QUESTION 2You have recently mounted an Apache Web device over a Red Hat Linux machine.When an individual go back from lunch, you find that a colleague features produced a fewconfiguration changes. One matter you notice can be a .htpasswd file. What is the functionof this file?

A. It can be a text with this /etc/passwd document for Web accessB. It is usually a message on the etc/shadow report for Web accessC. It may be a checklist of all unknown end users to the Web serverD. It is often a listing with http clients in addition to passwords regarding authenticationE. It is a database file that could be pulled remotely by means of a web site interface in order to identify currentlylogged inside users.

Answer: D

QUESTION 3In purchase that you perform promiscuous mode captures while using the Ethereal seize instrument ona Windows 2000 machine, what should very first always be installed?

A. IPv4 stackB. IPv6 stackC. WinPcapD. Nothing, it will probably capture by simply defaultE. At least a pair of system adapters

Answer: C

QUESTION 4In a TCP Header, what's the purpose from the initial sixteen bits?

A. To determine the typeB. To state that IP Version SC0-411

C. To establish the destination port numberD. To define the higher layer protocolE. To define your origin port number

Answer: E

QUESTION 5You tend to be establishing the actual IP handling to your network. One from the subnets hasbeen described using addresses already. You manage ifconfig with your host and determine thatit features an correct with using a cover up involving What will be the networkID to which often the following coordinator belongs?


Answer: E

QUESTION 6You usually are setting up the Access Lists in your brand-new Cisco Router. The using arethe requires that are typed in to the router for any record configuration.Router(config)#access-list 145 refuse tcp every eq 80Router(config)#access-list 145 refuse tcp almost any eq 119Router(config)#access-list 145 allow for ip any anyRouter(config)#interface Serial 0Router(config-if)#ip access-group 145 inRouter(config-if)#interface Ethernet 0Router(config-if)# ip access-group 145 inRouter(config-if)#interface Ethernet 1Router(config-if)# ip access-group 145 inRouter(config-if)#interface Ethernet 2Router(config-if)# ip access-group 145 inBased during this configuration, and when using the exhibit, pick out this replies that identifywhat this listing will accomplish. SC0-411

A. Permit community to view NNTP to the InternetB. Permit network gain access to NNTP with network Permit multilevel to view NNTP on multi-level Deny network to access Internet WWW sitesE. Permit multilevel to get into Internet WWW sites

Answer: AE

QUESTION 7You will be establishing your dial upwards choices in your Windows 2000 network. While youdo so, you will be studying the actual configuration solutions to help you. You discover theterm RADIUS made use of often in the course of your research. What does RADIUS provide?

A. RADIUS can be familiar with define the particular guidelines method of Kerberos with a new network.B. RADIUS will be familiar with explain that execution approach of PKI in a network.C. RADIUS is employed to explain your implementation technique of Biometrics inside a network.D. RADIUS may be a typical to provide authorization, authentication, identification, andaccounting services.E. RADIUS may be a common which defines the techniques utilised for you to safe and sound the particular connectionsbetween your dialup purchaser as well as a dialup server.

Answer: D SC0-411

QUESTION 8You are usually in doing this with securing various brand new models with your Windows 2000network. To ease the method Microsoft has defined an arrangement regarding Security Templatesto easily use in a variety of situations. Which of the following greatest explains that Basic SecurityTemplate?

A. This theme is given as a means that will inverted this setup of differentWindows 2000 reliability settings, apart from person rights.B. This web theme is given thus that Local Users have suitable safety measures settings, while PowerUsers have surroundings which can be compatible with NT 4 Users.C. This web theme is definitely presented to carry out proposed security adjustments for all those securityareas, aside from your following: files, folders, and Registry keys.D. This template is presented to make this utmost a higher level safety for network trafficbetween Windows 2000 clients.E. This template is usually furnished allowing with regard to an manager running legacy uses upon aDC.

Answer: A

QUESTION 9The exhibit exhibits your router along with about three interfaces E0, E1 and also S0. Interfaces E0 andE1 are connected to internal companies and also respectivelyand program S0 will be connected to that Internet.The intent could be to allow two hosts, and use of theInternet while most of other serves are to be able to be said Internet access. All hosts on network192.168.10.0 and should be helped gain access to resources on the two internalnetworks. From your following, pick out many of the accessibility checklist terms which have been requiredto make that possible. SC0-411

A. access-list 53 permit access-list 80 permit access-list 53 deny access-list 80 grant int S0, ip access-group 53 outF. int S0, ip access-group 80 out

Answer: BDF

QUESTION 10Which on the next grounds are usually obtained in a individual account's tier in the /etc/passwdfile?

A. The User Identifier allocated to the user accountB. The home directory utilised by an individual accountC. The quantity connected with days since an individual levels password seemed to be changedD. The complete label for your consumer accountE. The selection regarding nights till the consumer account's password ought to change

Answer: ABD

QUESTION 11When a different customer account will be created inside Linux, precisely what ideals usually are assigned?

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