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Of: Wuhan TV Hai-Liang Zhang Lixian Hui Fu Jingqin The a digital television system along with circle radio and also tv set practitioners over the progress involving the past few many years working hard provides made a new series of meanwhile results, but your ideal development goals from a number of distance. So we should make unremitting efforts. With the actual Division advancements in technology, TV generation tools and technological innovation have been optimized recording equipment features been subject to blank disc recorder cassette tape recorder towards the process, to the newest CD used, P2 cards, easy that will travel greeting card digicam recorder. Mode in addition has seasoned through analog to digital, from linear in order to nonlinear conversion through sole to the network. This from a simple AV to help AV as well as IT integ ration, reflected throughout television technologies innovation, this integration conditions are becoming stronger. The post-show television set programs produced around this creation procedure performs an incredibly essential position, right has effects on accomplishing this of system production, efficiency, excellent and also other specific details. A post-programming your major practical attributes Post-editing package synthesis, thoughts workstations, business recording, 3D influences processing. Its main capabilities will be because follows: * Perfect system operating platform in addition to management software, multi-low input, substantial efficiency, huge stability on the multilevel structure. * Powerful centralized information management, plus unified supervision connected with video tutorial and acustic material, subtitles, program content, scientific and also realistic perform operations across your network. * Provide broadcast-quality and much more useful digital camera recording file format intended for download. * Late inside the non-linear editing, capable of support, which includes multi-format uncompressed including editing, to ensure high-quality programming; in real-time multi-layer movie editing, high quality plus speedy movie design infinite core synthesis; provide complete video, sound I / O interface; supported acustic formats; to obtain high-quality keying effect; embedded skilled games technique while in the community to quickly attain the many features of professional titles; to accomplish several different files arrangement output, just like surging media, VCD, DVD, etc.; service third-party effects plug-ins embedded models to compliment third-party applications. * HD programming while in the area, to compliment croping and editing approaches based on dual-rate HD / SD production. * Synthesis inside latter section of packaging as well as support, as well as multi-format uncompressed software package, including synthesi s, video, real-time processing may be achieved Level 4; packaging synthesis system assist and also program editing process to share that tale snowboard change program. * Network test which includes a professional video film indication end result terminal could be coupled instantly towards monitor. * Audio Workstation bundle offers complex audio, music processing. * In your studio recording, this provision associated with multi-format transmission recording studio, taking material instantly in order to the actual manufacturing multilevel involving on-line storage space body. * In the three-dimensional animation, the supply connected with speedy three-dimensional modeling, simulation, synthesis, supporting cross-platform sent out rendering. * Provide post-production users, columns, materials, disks, equipment, firewood along with issues with management, help for that manufacturing multi-level billing technique statistics reporting capabilities. Two system Networks, handheld te chnological innovation can be among the list of core multilevel procedure of marketing technology that the network structure, that involves the planning plus method administration on the network. From the contemporary specialised issue regarding view, system computer system technological know-how considering the four meticulously related, many people are: High-speed Gigabit Ethernet, ATM Asynchronous Transfer Network, Storage Area Network (SAN) and IPSAN. 1. Gigabit high-speed Ethernet Ethernet technological innovation is definitely 30 years. Its energy source will be simple, simple and mature. Ethernet provides right now produced in order to a switched Gigabit Ethernet as well as Gigabit Ethernet. Ethernet LAN isn't just an essential technical, but in addition slowly but surely shift towards the WAN in addition to MAN. 2. ATM Asynchronous Transfer Network ATM know-how not simply carries a permanent tranny delay along with the transmission ability agreement, and can effectiv ely cope with non-continuous transmission. In your synchronous exchange mode, ATM purposes 53 byte fixed-length cell phone structure, making this technique of giving and receiving data to hold sleek page views stream stability, extra accurately guesstimate this multilevel latency as well as delivery moment as well as other factors. ATM engineering may be a connection-oriented facts tranny technology, when the sender as well as receiver Xiangyao communication, the best need to determine a link with mail your deal with signal, this recipient manipulate signals acquired with the community and agreed to establish a connection, your digital line shall be established. Meanwhile, your virtual world with a exchange issue for all those avenues shall be established impression table, the actual personal routine is actually established, the actual needed information is definitely divide straight into 53 transmitted byte cell, your community directed because of the alternative party. ATM can be great with regard to video, voice, records and actual occasion tranny regarding assignments to support that optical fiber, coaxial cable, shielded along with unshielded twisted pair, that effective bandwidth may occur near to it is minimal value 622Mpbs and also 155Mbps. ATM multilevel technology, substantial cost, often used because backbone associated with venture networks. 3. Storage Area Network (SAN) SAN Storage AreaNetwork is a abbreviation of their Chinese name with the storage space network, earliest all began in the large info system burn system. In the particular common system structure, your customer around the server's info companies throughout the regular TCP / IP multilevel to keep up that operation, once the requirement for file arrays, database servers, program nodes to get large information migration among the particular three, the images directly a separate multi-level that will run, find SAN is a very special structure, high-performance high speed networks. SAN Fiber Channel-based link, FiberChannel assigned SAN profound meanings, usually, SAN work with SCSI protocol, nevertheless the FC process encapsulated inside the package deal need to run. SAN data storage space plus transmission above the actual SCSI growth and also effortless to help use. Prior to this, SCSI have been the leading platform to get huge info transmission, SCSI is a peer to peer technology, that scalability within the not really really good. (1) SAN attributes A. large-capacity data-sharing system In nonlinear circle applications, increasing storage requirements. As that digital camera television applications, the storage space capacity offers climbed to TB-level requirements. SAN presents a high-capacity safe-keeping systems to share solutions. B. multi-stream real-time editing associated with high speed safe-keeping apparatus entry requests With the progress of personal computer technology, existing non-code method have been qualified to obtain 4 for you to 6 cellular levels 50Mb real-time key phrases capability, which will involves the transmission acceleration storage systems have to meet the actual non-linear key phrases requirements. SAN making use of fiber-optic network, not really only

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