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10 Practice requests for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) - Computers - Certification

After everyone examine your own textual content ebooks it's important to test out your own newly acquired awareness and also find the best way well you have got immersed the material. Practice exams....

* Reinforces just what anyone discovered - fill within the gaps with what people not so great * Gets an individual utilized to responding to doubts to develop self-confidence as well as familiarity

Here will be 10 Multiple Choice qualifications questions available for you to training on:


Question 1# - Which with the next are generally in force parameters to get a good , long IPX obtain checklist (Choose most of that will apply)?

A. source-network B. permit or refuse C. source-socket D. method E. list-number


Question 2# - Which of the subsequent is not really valid?

A. router#show RAM B. router>show type C. router#show running-config D. router#show startup-config


Question 3# - Which of the next is usually a blockage software structure that will identifies conversations, detaches packets that belong that will each conversation, and explains to you bandwidth rather in between the different streams?

A. Weighted Priority queuing B. Prioritizing queuing C. FIFO sensible queuing D. Weighted rational queuing


Question 4# - Which on the next describes a full-duplex transmission?

A. Data transmission with one simple direction B. Data transmission around each directions, however just one technique at this time C. Uses a single conductor D. Uses a point-to-point network in the transmitter on the sending station towards the phone of the insurance coverage section


Question 5# - What is the correct order to set a bandwidth regarding 56K for the serial interface?

A. Router# bandwidth 56000B. Router (config-if) #bandwidth 56,000C. Router (config) #bandwidth 56000D. Router (config-if) #bandwidth 56


Question 6# - Which of the pursuing is not really aspect with the records link layer?

A. Determines network topology B. Performs pass manipulate C. Performs actual physical approaching D. Terminates a session E. Transports records over that physical connection


Question 7# - You possess an IP address involving along with a subnet mask. What is the elegance involving address, subnet address, in addition to transmit address?

A. Class B, Subnet, Broadcast address

B. Class B, Subnet, Broadcast deal with

C. Class B, Subnet, Broadcast tackle

D. Class A, Subnet, Broadcast tackle


Question 8# - Coaxial wire seemed to be made use of which is why varieties of ethernet networks? (Select 2)

A. 10Base-TB. 100Base-T4C. 10Base2D. 100Base-FXE. 10Base5F. 100Base-T


Question 9# - As your technique administrator, everyone have to setup one particular Ethernet interface upon your Cisco router to let for both sap along with Novell-ether encapsulations. Which couple of commands will execute this?

A. program ethernet 0.1ipx encapsulation Novell-etheripx multilevel 9einterface ethernet 0.2ipx encapsulation sapipx circle 6c

B. user interface ethernet 0.1ipx encapsulation Novell-etherinterface ethernet 0.2ipx encapsulation sap

C. interface ethernet 0ipx encapsulation Novell-etheripx multi-level 9einterface ethernet 0ipx encapsulation sapipx network 6c

D. user interface ethernet 0.1ipx encapsulation Novell-etheripx network 9einterface ethernet 0.2ipx network 6c


Question 10# - Using some sort of swap all of us separate that network into multiple _________ domains

A. collisionB. broadcastC. bridgedD. virtual



Question 1 - Correct Answers: A, B,C,D,EQuestion 2 - Correct Answers: AQuestion 3 - Correct Answers: DQuestion 4 - Correct Answers: DQuestion 5 - Correct Answers: DQuestion half a dozen - Correct Answers: DQuestion seven - Correct Answers: BQuestion eight - Correct Answers: C,EQuestion 9 - Correct Answers: AQuestion 10 - Correct Answers: A

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