Thursday, October 31, 2013

Based on E-Link facts transmitter from the job application associated with technological know-how - e-trade - Business

Abstract: E? Iink may be a cheap, handy and tight serial Ethernet interface module. With the strong growth involving Intemet, people is usually with many destinations with the Internet for you to swap information. Various intelligent instruments along with tools should have the network function, over the E? Link info transmission device, only need some sort of serial opening permitting availability in order to that circle connected with recent gear will no longer necessary PC + cards + gadget software card, lead through E? IJink can readily gain access to the Ethernet. Use of low-cost "E? Link circle files tranny device", with all the Internet that will change that bus, thus an original Fieldbus sent out deal with process effortlessly converted straight into Ethernet-based distributed control system. Keywords: Ethernet: E? Link: Serial In terface: Network: Data transmission machine 1 Introduction With the particular popularity of Internet and also the speedy development with industrial automation. Network offers in-depth homes, offices, factories, and also automation along with control. E? Link high-speed network network controller consists of this microprocessor and also the Ethernet interface, serial unit through that your Internet is often effortless to be able to implement to the handle procedure in order to work together resources, it can be coupled Ethernet and serial equipment bridge. Ethernet Ethernet interface signal to complete your real core lOBaseT Communicate In that high-speed microprocessor C51 terminology created to the bodily TCP / IP protocol as well as other (RS-232, RS-485, CAN, etc.) Conversion Agreement. Therefore, with the E? Link Internet serial systems is definitely simple, would not involve complex community protocols, simply works with E? Link intended for records exchange. couple o f E? Link information transmitter Introduction 2.1 Features E? Link files transfer system is really a micro-Internet Access Module. Can become given away serial machine and also additional user's brilliant system obtain Internet, with the module's internal TCP / IP system protocol along with 10Base? T multi-level interface to help connect to Ethernet, serial equipment very easily gain networking. E? Link facts transmitter _ having small size plus small electrical power consumption, less costly along with convenience in order to use. Serial devices is often self-operating state in addition to performing parameters this kind of when TCP, or even UDP info to supply packets to overpower that can accomplish real-time transmission regarding information. This technique possesses the examples below characteristics: (1) No distance plus countrywide boundaries, so long as Ethernet can communicate; (2) this common utilization of system resources. No installing associated with area bus; (3) real-time transmission, huge airport transfer rate. The serial premiums up to 115.2kb / s. E? Link files transmitter are available around communication systems, manufacturing area automation systems, banking and also insurance systems, handheld control with sent out devices, substantial retail systems, building software programs in addition to brilliant automatic alarm and also Fire Linkage system. 2.2 Main technical listing MC [I to be able to 16-bit AVR MEGA high-speed processor, ravenscroft Oscillator The regularity is actually 14.745 6 MHz, that outside memory volume involving 32KB, the particular internal FLASH storage capacity: 128 KB. Can provide 16MI / ersus connected with processing digesting power. Support agreement: ARP, IP, UDP, TCP, IC MP, DHCP and DNS. Network Interface: RJ45 (10BASE a T) Ethernet interface. Interface Type: RS232, RS422,. RS485, CAN bus. Serial rate: more than two hundred b / s? 115 200 b / s. Maximum transfer rate: 300KB / s. Product Dime nsions: 8.0 emXlO. O cm as well as less. Power supply: AC or maybe DC power supply. Software Support: Windows XP. Windows 2000. WindowsNT, Windows95/98/ME. Unix Ware SVR4-2, UnixWare 7 SVR5, SCO Open Server, SCOUNIX, Linuxfixed tty for 2.0. x, 2.2. x and I, inux real tty for2. O-36, 2.2. x, 2.4. x (all people are in the method TCP / IP Networks). Development snowboard having 32 Switch Volume of two-way I / O handle and also 8-10 10-bit A / D converter. Development environment: with all the free of charge AVR? GCCC terms programming. Users do not require to take into account to purchase pricey AVR-specific C words compiler (such as IARFORAVR, ImageCraftICCforAVR as well as CodeVisonC, etc.), and the progress associated with the actual system is FREE? WARE, might be completely prior to the requirements on the process connected with cutting, high performance development.

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