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CWNP PW0-300 PDF - Education - Study Techniques

Certified Wireless Network Expert PW0-300 Test

Question: 1In some sort of Split MAC instant multi-level architecture, compact APs map customer points (UPs) specifiedby the actual QoS STA on inward casings to help ___________.

A. IEEE 802.1D Frame Precedence ValuesB. GRE Priority BitsC. IEEE 802.1Q Tag Protocol IdentifiersD. IP Differentiated Services Code PointsE. QoS Control Header Values

Answer: D

Question: 2Given: An ingress mode occurs to the Ethernet convey of the autonomous AP marked having a great IEEE802.1D end user important agenda value.Which IEEE 802.1D individual important agenda values (by name) will promise the information payload taken by means of theEthernet body receives assigned towards highest priority WMM queue?

A. Controlled LoadB. Network ControlC. VideoD. VoiceE. Best EffortF. Excellent Effort

Answer: B, D

Question: 3Given: When the particular delayed Block Ack plan must be used involving a couple of QoS STAs, this person mustrespond to your BlockAckReq mode having an ACK frame. The recipient need to next send out it's BlockAckresponse shape within a later attained TXOP.Once your material with the actual BlockAck figure happen to be prepared, the recipient must_______________.

A. Send the actual BlockAck solution mode into the originator from the very first doable TXOP with the highest important agenda AC.B. Send a good ATIM on the originator signifying the fact that BlockAck solution frame is definitely ready with regard to transmission.C. Include your TID involving the particular BlockAckReq within the future TXOP Request towards the HC.D. Wait for one PIFS following a future Beacon along with monitor the actual BlockAck solution to the originator while using very same AC because the BlockAckReq frame.

Answer: A

Question: 4A QoS STA gains a TXOP for a strong accessibility group (AC) following exactly what two guidelines are met?

A. After a cycle of assistance period of time endsB. The moderate is actually idle along at the AIFS[AC] position boundaryC. The backoff period for that AC offers expiredD. After a Block ACK ResponseE. After a Target Beacon Transmission Time (TBTT)

Answer: B, C

Page 1 of 66Question: 5When by using a method analyzer to take interactions more than a WLAN, you could normally encounterencrypted facts frames. Most WLAN standard protocol analyzers employ a characteristic that allows your analyst tosave and also reload the shot eyeglasses into memory in the subsequently time. Using this functionality, whattask could be performed?

A. When IEEE 802.1X/LEAP can be getting made use of as the WLAN protection mechanism, the authentication resolution mode is often replayed from the preserved trace record in a afterwards time frame for you to successfully authenticate a hacker.B. If a user appoint and password for an IEEE 802.1X/EAP-TTLS protection enactment can possibly be acquired through societal anatomist tactics, the person name as well as password is often typed in in to the particular analyzer for you to decrypt the actual casings coming from a preserved trace file.C. An analyst could search through that captured casings interested in RADIUS eyeglasses that could divulge the particular user's password.D. Encrypted eyeglasses could be decrypted offline, once they are captured, through entering your WEP critical or WPA passphrase in to the analyzer.

Answer: D

Question: 6How long, inside microseconds, is the required Slot Time declared through a strong AP within a strong ERP BSS whenboth HR-DSSS and ERP-OFDM clientele channels will be related towards AP?

A. 2B. 4C. 9D. 10E. 20

Answer: E

Question: 7The IEEE 802.11 standard makes for mode fragmentation. Which a pair of career fields while in the IEEE 802.11frame could happen in numbering data figure fragments and notifying that insurance coverage trail station when allof that fragments of the data shape are actually received?

A. Capability Information fieldB. Frame Control fieldC. ERP Information fieldD. Sequence Control fieldE. DS Parameter fieldF. Ordered Service field

Answer: B, D

Question: 8According towards IEEE 802.11 common (as amended), transmit strength information is maintained inwhich frames?

A. TPC Report frameB. ADDTS Response frameC. Probe Response frameD. Beacon frameE. Channel Switch Announcement frameF. Measurement Report frame

Page 2 associated with 66Answer: A, C, D

Question: 9What events will induce an established TSPEC that they are wiped by way of AP?

A. Disassociation from the non-AP QoS STA when using the TSPEC in the QoS BSSB. Traffic Stream inactivity timeoutC. Reassociation of the non-AP QoS STA having another QoS APD. Receipt of any DELBA frame from the non-AP QoS STAE. Receipt of your Update TSPEC style at a non-AP QoS STAF. A Controlled Access Phase (CAP) burst

Answer: A, B, C

Question: 10Many autonomous gain access to items support IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging. When measuring your WLANsystem making use of IEEE 802.1Q tags, when can the actual VLAN licence plate variety be seen?

A. In the particular Sequence Control area of the MSDUB. In this PLCP header's Service fieldC. In the Frame Control field belonging to the MPDU headerD. In that Ethernet header within the wired port belonging to the admittance pointE. In the particular Beacon Management frame's Capabilities preset field

Answer: D

Question: 11Given: ABC Company is definitely employing your QoS enabled national infrastructure of which will certainly service both equally voiceand data. The WLAN controller is actually attached to one among three core layer-3 Ethernet switches. Eachcore layer-3 Ethernet transition offers multiple advantage layer-2 Ethernet switches attached. LightweightAPs are coupled to all border layer-2 Ethernet switches. The WLAN controller is definitely about subnet10.1.1.0/24, as well as APs tend to be on a lot of some other subnets. The APs tend to be attached to the actual WLANcontroller via LWAPP tunnels.When IEEE 802.11 frames appear at your compact AP from your QoS STA this has to be provided for theWLAN controller, which often chuncks can easily the particular AP make in order to sign the actual layer-2 and layer-3 Ethernet switchesto utilize higher precedence processing?

A. The Ethernet frame's 802.1Q important agenda licence plate bitsB. The IP header's TOS bitsC. The IEEE 802.11 frame's QoS Control bitsD. The LWAPP header's C bitE. The UDP header's PRI bits

Answer: A, B

Question: 12Exhibit:

Page several associated with 66

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