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Design and also application from the embedded circle MP3 device - Technology

Summary: This copy features created a multi-level MP3 apparatus style concept and also debugging method with that basis associated with S3C4510B ARM7 processor as well as VxWorks real-time running system around detail, have considered architecture along with functioning function involving multilevel MP3 technique put together by means of these kinds of apparatus, include outlined that broadcasts the wide-ranging practical application prospect with the discipline in open public pronunciations like the star hotel, long-distance bus, passenger train, pronunciation meeting,etc.. Keyword: ARM; MP3; S3C4510B; VxWorks; MAS3587F

It provides for the most part referred to be able to MPEG1 layer3 plus MPEG2 layer3 in which the community MP3 features summed way up MP3, the most recent MPEG2.5 layer3 possesses made available more helpful compacted coded method. Because MP3 provides offered this dialog data with high-fidelity, low value rate, is greatly utilized in various ingestion electronic fields. Typical like: MP3 walkman, different vehicle taken audiofrequency apparatus,etc.. These apparatuses have high-capacity Flash memorizers (generally around above 32MB) And canonial offers the actual interface outside, can easily download MP3 new music from computer even Inetrnet plus store along with away from filling and put out here, can meet men and women and also employ the demand.

The multilevel MP3 gadget develops network MP3 piece of equipment in addition to program procedure that this project entails it is not the same as the regular personal MP3 apparatus. It features Ethernet user interface and also infrared remote-control interface of ordinary 100M, below that manage regarding real-time software, can acquire MP3 facts stream from Ethernet, and also will not require in this article to shop and over the air with real time. Under your cooperation associated with MP3 put together signal computer chip MAS3587F, can conclude MP3 recording perform sent out as well as insight for you to MIC regarding MP3 movement press from the same time. MP3 system shaped by way of plurality with network MP3 apparatuses incorporates a circle MP3 device (can possibly be the embedded apparatus too) ,It is needed regarding storing MP3 database along with running overall method plus controlling. Index element that perform and also the processor lectotype, reported by the obtain involving venture demand from customers examination accounts plus project order, the actual system MP3 apparatus will need to fulfill the following function as well as index chart requirement. Audio volume value plus broadcasting function. Mainly include: Support to encode MPEG1/2 layer3 which inputs the analog sound signal; Support MPEG1/2/2.5 layer3 to be able to suffocate the decoding of the bit stream; Support handheld audio mixing, digital camera good volume in addition to level good to help regulate. Remote manipulate along with broadcasting the actual supervisory function. Mainly include: Support the infrared record controller, insurance coverage conclusion plus network MP3 apparatus involving statement controller follow RS-232 interface; Realize the control with MP3 audio data flow beneath the manipulate of server; Play plus enter in springing that function. Network function. Mainly include: On the basis of supervisory manage plus data interchange of TCP/IP a greement; Automatic detect from the trouble, confirming an unexpected emergency as well as seeking help or perhaps greater caution to belief using the apparatus; Automatic recognition belonging to the gadget and discerning; Support tools code; Support the IP address. Under the actual characteristic along with double restraint in the cost, originally style decision analysis of processor and also real-time software system. As for you to processor, have to maintain interface as well as extendible in addition to similar interface involving 100MHz Ethernet interface, UART plus I2C. The common one-chip computer system process definitely cannot meet quality along with real-time design requirement, and adopt more common microprocessor too the network manage system method will definitely add to the equipment cost, therefore determine to consider your circle handler. Through surveying plus mastering in several ways, elect two kinds of multilevel handlers: Samsung ARM7 brand S3C4510B a s well as Motorola PowerPC processor MPC860T. The not one but two include 100M Ethernet MAC on-chip. Comparatively speaking, both the characteristic is around equal, but Samsung ARM7 brand S3C4510B has very considerable batch expense advantages. And due to mass us going for ARM processor, home many EDA establishing guitar vendors possess supplied quite high establishing guitar remedy on the cost performance, help to make the development price tag decrease significantly too, hence the following style and design judgement adopts S3C4510B ARM pick as being the essential processor. In real-time operating system, for the reason that that real-time nature on the community MP3 device can be envisioned relatively much, as well as the multi-level records transmission operation belonging to the individual network MP3 equipment includes larger have an impact on on mounted power in the all round system, so, have to embrace the particular challenging real-time operating system while the application platform. Adopt VxWroks RTOS software package program because the system MP3 device within the earliest stage. The intersection involving apparatus as well as the intersection associated with design idea as well as influenced by ARM7 the intersection associated with multilevel handler and S3C4510B and also tricky the particular intersection regarding real-time operating process in addition to this intersection connected with apparatus and the intersection involving shape formula along with block diagram, MP3 involving network, involving VxWorks, MP3 connected with network, equally Fig. a single Show. CPU is definitely S3C4510B ARM7 microprocessor how the primary consistency will be 50MHz, generally finishes this supervisory control of Ethernet and receiving and dispatching connected with files flow. Send MP3 acustic data flow directly into decoding the actual chip MAS3587F to be able to decode along with send out and also control, obtain MP3 coded number, the sli de images pass with radio stations under your manipulate of organized top management host as a result of MAS3587F. In addition, however take that survey controller along with order in order to blend interpretive execution through RS-232 interface. MP3 compiled code, in particular MP3 encodes (namely MP3 recording) Need massive calculation sum, the traditional method can be realized from the computer system software program or perhaps specialised DSP chip, because S3C4510B is often a community handler on this project, that dealing with capacity connected with it's a digital sign is usually a family member vulnerable link, consequently includes realized organizing the decoding purpose associated with MP3 by way of sole chip MP3 created value chip MAS3587F. In addition, the particular network MP3 gadget storage adopts 16MB SDRAM HY57V281620 at the huge speed, is needed regarding within course execution, data living space in addition to buffers; The solidification memorizer asso ciated with the task adopts 2MB Flash AM29LV160, this kind of memorizer is just not just unique like: MAC address, non-volatile records connected with IP address, it really is used intended for prestoring a number of MP3 data. The infrared article controlled adopts the actual infrared T-R television moving in the large number available on the market that will design. Ethernet portion possesses adopted the charge performance huge RTL8201BL different PHY to the time frame of ARM7 processor S3C4510B built-in 100MHz Ethernet MAC, can the actual difference continues 10M/100Mbps community files transmission. Under this type of design chassis, it can be about 200 yuan the fact that key digital camera departmental charge from the network MP3 piece of equipment in the single sleeve might be controlled, could connect with the particular low-cost demands involving most application. Apparatus, MP3 associated with network, develop, debug progression regarding apparatus, MP3 associated wi th network, debug, incorporate this intersection connected with hardware and style of system plus debug along with real-time application design and style and debug. The hardware program is finished schematic diagram plus PCB to design by PowerLogic in addition to PowerPCB associated with PADS. After the particular hardware principle is assembled, utilize Embest IDE for ARM bundled development ecosystem along with JTAG debugging unit for you to write the examination procedure, cooperate together with Tektronix digital oscilloscope to handle around the well-designed examination in order to every component of computer hardware layout around the goal board. SDNS100 influenced by that Samsung gives you develops BSP value writing as well as test out the fact that snowboard VxWorks BSP web theme proceeds on the multi-level MP3 objective board. In appliance design, still employ Foundation ISE bundled growth setting with Xilinx Company to be able to develop for the programmable logic unit XC9572XLVQ64 for the board, finish the logical style involving peripheral veneer of the processor. The progress of your real-time computer software product primarily done by simply Tornado II for ARM integrated advancement ecosystem based upon WindRiver Company. This integrated improvement environment carries a vast majority involving requirements along with endeavor examination gear for instance VxWorks real-time performing system, ARM7 compiler, debugging system plus WindView, might know which debugs objective snowboard real-time computer software method numerous kinds of modes, full-functions rapidly through serial dock along with Ethernet. After the particular procedure progression involving software package is finished, make that intersection with Bootable VxWorks plus the intersection of application course picture as well as track into, solidify the guide file inside Flash through Embest IDE and also the intersection connected with JTAG and simulator, could crack aside from as well as debug the particular ecosystem to operate with real time.

The circle MP3 application process chassis multi-level MP3 apparatus could allow enjoy in order to maximum productivity though having central hosts to treat as well as deal with this program less than just throughout one. The typical system MP3 application process chassis is usually shown just as Fig. 2. The human body framework of the multilevel MP3 program technique are developed inside the multicasting network, around prevalent condition, that network MP3 server sends ending of the song or maybe different voice messagings using put out or multicasting. The multi-level MP3 port installation can request request according in order to users' Request for you to Send, node reply to request, set up, ask for the passway whilst currently being one-to-one simply ask. Any network MP3 terminal installation (users) Can resume MP3 and request request. The types that can be create request the passway volume in addition to be based upon network bandwidth and also community wait (under 100M Ethernet condition, this technique nearly consumes 30% community bandwidth learning resource when working using 250 as well as asking for the passway) . When you'll find crucial updates as well as tone of voice messagingsing, could setup and insert the actual passway, this goal of the passway is definitely higher than any kind of broadcast, multicasting or perhaps obtain this important agenda of that passway, it will be the unconditional playmode, the actual special intent being confirming an emergency and asking for support as well as increased caution etc. involving it really is made use of for broadcasting the top notice or perhaps accidenting. In addition, just about every multi-level MP3 can be terminal may also kick-off paging. Namely radio, multicasting or perhaps unicast for you to additional network MP3 terminal stations after the circle MP3 airport terminal installation encodes MP3 to MIC reviews signal, this functionality works extremely well while in the ach ieving discussion belonging to the pronunciation as well as pronunciation classroom system. Under that above-mentioned network MP3 application method chassis architecture, mainly there are these types of not one but two logic avenues within the network MP3 network: Control bus (CBUS) And records bus (DBUS) . The command bus mainly transmits numerous management in addition to control command, however the information bus generally transmits that audio volume MP3 data flow. The usual multi-level MP3 utilizes this program software package chassis to be shown just as Fig. 3.

The community MP3 systematic application likelihood network MP3 procedure is usually applied towards music system of wedding space of the legend hotel extensively, public pronunciations for example the long-distance bus, traveler train, pronunciation interacting with as well as pronunciation classroom,etc. transmit the application. The normal practical application including the new music process involving client bedroom involving celebrity hotel, this may be a solution involving a kind of Full Digitalization, the particular functional Off-The-Shelf LAN details interface regarding superstar hotel, are through using can finish setting up towards the current routine virtually any transformation. By method of expressing MP3 audio storehouse, offer plus transfer company as well as offer the particular various, high-quality music that will enjoy. This apparatus even offers pronunciation asking, notifying as well as sudden scenario (such for the reason that fire) connected with g uest bedroom of a room service in the same time Evacuate further functions like radio,etc. promptly. On long-distance buses and also traveling trains, gives the actual voyager MP3 music that will orient your request company can be a type of brand-new service subject material that's abundant with your prospect. In addition, because function which the multilevel MP3 encodes real-time MP3 of the speech signal, and, this can be small, very low cost, trustworthiness will be high, have community and embed a whole lot associated with positive aspects such as the function, have prominent positive aspects greater than the traditional laptop or computer application code or computer plug-in cards MP3 taking way, so, this particular apparatus can also be put on to the specialised MP3 recording software from the program associated with broadcasting and also TV.

After the actual community MP3 apparatus connected with finishing this speech develops as well as finishes, be given the beneficial comment the fact that exact project includes employed and also obtained clients in most hotel room wedding living room audio method at first. What we developed, automobile brought machine connected with embedded network MP3 technique suited to the actual long-distance bus lowered the undertaking into in addition to employed meanwhile. Believe with all the regular special offers belonging to the network MP3 apparatus in addition to engineered course of system, the circle MP3 can be used with ever more numerous utilization field, plus beneficial economic benefits along with cultural perk will certainly emerge.

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