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CWNP PW0-300 Study Guide - Computers - Certification

Certified Wireless Network Expert PW0-300 Test

Question: 1In your Split MAC handheld circle architecture, lightweight APs guide customer priorities (UPs) specifiedby the QoS STA on inward bound casings for you to ___________.

A. IEEE 802.1D Frame Precedence ValuesB. GRE Priority BitsC. IEEE 802.1Q Tag Protocol IdentifiersD. IP Differentiated Services Code PointsE. QoS Control Header Values

Answer: D

Question: 2Given: An ingress style gets there for the Ethernet dock with an autonomous AP marked with an IEEE802.1D individual important agenda value.Which IEEE 802.1D individual priority ideals (by name) will assure your data payload brought through theEthernet mode makes designated on the largest main concern WMM queue?

A. Controlled LoadB. Network ControlC. VideoD. VoiceE. Best EffortF. Excellent Effort

Answer: B, D

Question: 3Given: When the late Block Ack policy is needed between two QoS STAs, this beneficiary mustrespond to some BlockAckReq shape with an ACK frame. The recipient should then give their BlockAckresponse figure in a very subsequently purchased TXOP.Once that contents of the BlockAck figure have already been prepared, the person must_______________.

A. Send the BlockAck resolution mode in order to the actual originator inside original probable TXOP while using the largest priority AC.B. Send a strong ATIM to the originator signifying that this BlockAck reaction mode is actually completely ready intended for transmission.C. Include this TID in the BlockAckReq inside up coming TXOP Request to your HC.D. Wait intended for one PIFS once the next Beacon and transmit the BlockAck reply on the originator utilizing the identical AC as the BlockAckReq frame.

Answer: A

Question: 4A QoS STA gains some sort of TXOP with regard to a great accessibility kind (AC) after just what a pair of parameters are usually met?

A. After your scheduled support period endsB. The moderate will be nonproductive in the AIFS[AC] slot boundaryC. The backoff time frame for this AC possesses expiredD. After a Block ACK ResponseE. After your Target Beacon Transmission Time (TBTT)

Answer: B, C

Page 1 regarding 66Question: 5When using a protocol analyzer for you to capture conversations over a WLAN, you could possibly usually encounterencrypted facts frames. Most WLAN protocol analyzers have a very attribute that permits the particular analyst tosave and reload that seized casings directly into memory for a later time. Using this particular functionality, whattask might end up being performed?

A. When IEEE 802.1X/LEAP is actually using them because WLAN stability mechanism, this authentication response body might be replayed originating from a saved know archive at a soon after time frame for you to successfully authenticate a new hacker.B. If a individual name along with password intended for an IEEE 802.1X/EAP-TTLS security guidelines can become acquired through sociable engineering tactics, anyone appoint and also password could be typed in in to the analyzer to decrypt this structures from your stored trace file.C. An analyst can easily search through the shot frames looking for RADIUS glasses that could divulge that user's password.D. Encrypted glasses could be decrypted offline, once they are captured, by way of coming into a WEP crucial or even WPA passphrase in to the analyzer.

Answer: D

Question: 6How long, inside microseconds, will be the required Slot Time announced simply by a good AP throughout a great ERP BSS whenboth HR-DSSS and ERP-OFDM buyer channels will be associated on the AP?

A. 2B. 4C. 9D. 10E. 20

Answer: E

Question: 7The IEEE 802.11 typical allows for frame fragmentation. Which not one but two fields in the particular IEEE 802.11frame are involved within numbering information frame fragments as well as notifying the actual getting section any time allof the particular fragments on the records frame were received?

A. Capability Information fieldB. Frame Control fieldC. ERP Information fieldD. Sequence Control fieldE. DS Parameter fieldF. Ordered Service field

Answer: B, D

Question: 8According in order to this IEEE 802.11 standard (as amended), transmit electricity tips will be took inwhich frames?

A. TPC Report frameB. ADDTS Response frameC. Probe Response frameD. Beacon frameE. Channel Switch Announcement frameF. Measurement Report frame

Page 2 of 66Answer: A, C, D

Question: 9What situations may cause proven TSPEC to become wiped by way of a AP?

A. Disassociation from the non-AP QoS STA while using TSPEC from the QoS BSSB. Traffic Stream inactivity timeoutC. Reassociation of the non-AP QoS STA along with a further QoS APD. Receipt of the DELBA body from a non-AP QoS STAE. Receipt regarding an Update TSPEC frame from a non-AP QoS STAF. A Controlled Access Phase (CAP) burst

Answer: A, B, C

Question: 10Many autonomous entry tips assist IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging. When measuring a WLANsystem implementing IEEE 802.1Q tags, in which can the particular VLAN licence plate range often be seen?

A. In the Sequence Control domain belonging to the MSDUB. In the actual PLCP header's Service fieldC. In that Frame Control discipline of the MPDU headerD. In your Ethernet header upon the particular wired vent from the entry pointE. In the Beacon Management frame's Capabilities fixed field

Answer: D

Question: 11Given: ABC Company is definitely developing a new QoS made it possible for facilities that may assistance both voiceand data. The WLAN controller is definitely coupled to be able to probably three main layer-3 Ethernet switches. Eachcore layer-3 Ethernet move provides various borders layer-2 Ethernet switches attached. LightweightAPs are usually connected to any or all frame layer-2 Ethernet switches. The WLAN controller will be about subnet10.1.1.0/24, and also your APs are generally about quite a few various other subnets. The APs usually are associated with the actual WLANcontroller via LWAPP tunnels.When IEEE 802.11 frames go to a new light AP at a QoS STA that will should be sent to theWLAN controller, which in turn bits might your AP make to sign this layer-2 and layer-3 Ethernet switchesto make use of better main concern processing?

A. The Ethernet frame's 802.1Q concern label bitsB. The IP header's TOS bitsC. The IEEE 802.11 frame's QoS Control bitsD. The LWAPP header's C bitE. The UDP header's PRI bits

Answer: A, B

Question: 12Exhibit:

Page 3 involving 66

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